News and Notes on JBL and His Reported Negotiations to Join TNA Wrestling

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter



– Former WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield appeared on Live Audio Wrestling this past Sunday and said the reason he’s no longer with WWE is that when he retired as an active wrestler at WrestleMania in Houston, they didn’t offer him anything. He indicated if he was offered an announce position or role as General Manager, he’d have been interested.

In hindsight, it would appear that it was a mistake for Layfield to give up his announcing gig at the end of 2007 and go back to wrestling because he likely never would have been replaced as an announcer. He came back because he was 40 years old and unhappy with how his career ended, believed his back had recovered enough for him to wrestle again, and knew if he didn’t come back at that point the window of opportunity would close. Unfortunately, his back hadn’t recovered and he was in pain pretty much the entire last run. He has admitted being unhappy with how limited he was in the ring.

While this wasn’t brought up during his radio show appearance, it has been confirmed that he has had talks with TNA about joining the company. Nothing as of yet has materialized.

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