News on WWE Not Using Zack Ryder, RAW Delayed Viewership Record and More

– The Monday Night RAW on May 23rd had 458,000 homes watching it on tape or DVR, setting the all-time delayed viewership record for the show. This made the rating go from a 3.40 to a 3.86, meaning that 88.2% watched RAW live and 11.8% watched it delayed that week. Tough Enough that week had 181,000 homes or 9.9% watching on time delayed viewership.



– Former high school coach Joseph Simone, 22, was arrested at Tuesday night’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Providence, Rhode Island for impersonating a RI State Trooper. Simone was arrested earlier this year on charges of child pornography, solicitation and extortion.

– ECW Original The Sandman turns 48 years old today while The Ultimate Warrior turns 52.

– The fact that Zack Ryder would have some vocal fans at Monday’s RAW in Long Island, New York was no secret going into the show. This was talked about internally and the decision was made to have him perform on Superstars only. People within WWE were upset that Ryder wasn’t used with the feeling that he’s got himself over with fans using social media and without a normal WWE push, and he wasn’t even put on RAW because the company knew he would get a bigger reaction than some of the stars they push on TV.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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