Nikki Haley ‘In Denial’ After Devastating Trump Loss

NBC News correspondent Ali Vitali said on Tuesday that Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign was “jubilant” and was playing music as former President Donald Trump continued to win primaries on Super Tuesday. Haley is seemingly in denial.



“I’m told by a campaign source that the mood inside – and this might surprise you – is jubilant, and throughout the day I have heard the phrase ‘happy warrior’ from all of these folks that are either getting out the vote for Nikki Haley in these waning hours of Super Tuesday, or who are hunkered down after traveling to over seven or eight states in just as many days these last week-and-a-half. They say they’re playing music, a lot of this music has a certain female tint to it, things like, “Starting from the bottom, now they are here.” Sort of things that reference where she started in this race and the fact that she is now in a place where she is waiting to see how she does against Donald Trump.”

Axios sparked controversy on Monday with a report suggesting that Donald Trump was shifting away from directly claiming the 2020 presidential election was stolen, despite making explicit election denial statements over the weekend.

In a tweet, Axios stated, “As the former president will need support from college-educated voters, Donald Trump has recently avoided claiming that the 2020 election he lost was ‘stolen’ and instead has said, ‘We were interrupted’ or ‘something very bad happened.’”

The article, authored by national politics reporter Sophia Cai and titled “Top Trump advisers try to steer him off personal drama,” focused on Trump’s inner circle urging him to move away from election denial. It acknowledged that Trump is adjusting his rhetoric about the 2020 election as he eyes a potential rematch against President Biden.

Cai presented instances of Trump using what she called “vague euphemisms” instead of the “big lie” about the stolen election. However, critics promptly pointed out that Trump explicitly referred to the 2020 election as “rigged” during a recent rally on Saturday, showcasing explicit election denial.

Axios did not respond to requests for comment regarding the backlash on its report. Business Insider’s political reporter Bryan Metzger responded to the Axios tweet with a simple “lol.”

Left-leaning political pundit Luppe B. Luppen, also known as Southpaw, refuted the report’s accuracy, providing a snippet of C-SPAN’s closed captioning from Trump’s speech in North Carolina on Saturday.

President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign criticized Axios, emphasizing Trump’s continued use of the terms “stolen” and “rigged” during a rally over the weekend. Mediaite covered Trump’s North Carolina speech underlining his claims about a rigged election.

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