NJPW to return to USA at least two more times this year

NJPW has been slowly working on bringing more televised events over to the United States. The company is in the middle of an attempt to go global at this point, with shows airing on AXS every week and a dojo opening in Los Angeles.



At today’s press conference, while discussing tomorrow night’s G1 Special in San Francisco, NJPW’s President Harold Meij revealed that this won’t be the last time the company will be working in the US this year. WrestlingInc.com was present for the press conference where Meij made two big announcements.

NJPW will make its way back to the USA this year when they host the event The Fighting Spirit Unleashed, on September 30. They’ll also hold an event featuring the young lions of the company on Nov 10 & 11, called The Lion’s Break

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