Nominees for the 2009 WWE Slammy Awards Revealed

– Below are the categories and nominees for the 2009 Slammy Awards that will take place on tomorrow’s three-hour RAW with Dennis Miller as host.



Tag Team of the Year
Nominees: DX, Big Show & Chris Jericho, Legacy, The Hart Dynasty

Oh My! Moment of the Year
Nominees: HBK Superkicks a little girl at the cafeteria on RAW, Chris Masters’ dancing pecs with the Osbournes on RAW, Michael Cole throws up on Chris Jericho on the Decade of SmackDown special, Santino Marella pies Vickie Guerrero on the Thanksgiving RAW

RAW Host of the Year
Nominees: Bob Barker, Shaquille O’Neal, Seth Green, Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne

Shocker of the Year
Nominees: Batista turns on Rey Mysterio at Bragging Rights, Randy Orton DDT’s and kisses Stephanie McMahon in front of Triple H, CM Punk defeats Jeff Hardy causing him to leave WWE, Sheamus slams Mark Cuban through a table

Breakout Star of the Year
Nominees: Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Abraham Washington, Yoshi Tatsu

Extreme Moment of the Year
Nominees: Kofi Kingston Boom Drops Randy Orton through a table on RAW, Big Show throws John Cena into a search light at Backlash, Jeff Hardy dives off a 20 foot ladder on CM Punk at SummerSlam, Triple H fights Randy Orton at his home and throws him through a window

Diva of the Year
All of the WWE Divas are nominees this year. Fans will decide this award in a special vote tomorrow afternoon on WWE’s website.

Match of the Year
Nominees: Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania 25, John Cena vs. Randy Orton I Quit Match at Breaking Point, Jeff Hardy vs. Edge Ladder Match at Extreme Rules, Team RAW vs. Team SmackDown at Bragging Rights

Superstar of the Year
Nominees: John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton, The Undertaker

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