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NXT UK Women’s Title unveiled

The NXT UK Women’s title is finally here. The UK women’s division was announced back in June during the second United Kingdom Championship Tournament and now the prized possession for the division has surfaced. WWE’s official Instagram handle gave us the first look at the new title.

Many are already calling it the most beautiful title in WWE today and we certainly can’t blame them. The UK Women’s division is stacked with some of the fiercest fighters present in the business today. Who will become the first woman to grab this prestigious title?

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    See this is what I love about this board, 90% of the time it’s civil and people can discuss things, I posted something similar on YouTube and some kid (well I don’t know their age I just assume because their spelling woz like dis cuz I is stupid) started typing a load of gibberish

    But yeah agreed, although I actually really wanted to see Viper back

  • CC

    Sadly Tegan went out with injury, but yeah, I could probably list a whole bunch more actual UK females who should have been at least considered, but it is what it is I guess.

    Would have been a nice touch to maybe get Sweet Saraya in the tournament, even just for a one off appearance. I know she is not exactly a spring chicken, but she is probably the most accomplished female wrestler in the UK, and would have been nice for Paige to actually see her mum wrestler in WWE.

  • shot my come over her face

    LOL the whole womens division just like this new belt is an absolute joke.

  • CC

    “UK” womens division and has an Aussie, a Kiwi and a Portugese wrestler in the division.
    I love Toni Storm, and do like Dakota Kai, but with the amount of actual British & Irish female wrestlers out there, could they not have kept it as an all UK division?

    I love the attention it brings to UK wrestling, so cannot complain too much though.