O.J. Simpson Hired Big Name To Kill Ex-Wife

A Los Angeles collections agency owner recently confessed to a Hollywood private detective that OJ Simpson allegedly hired members of the Gambino mob family to murder his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson. John Dunton, who claimed he had stayed silent due to fear of Mafia retaliation, told PI Paul Barresi that Simpson arranged the hit on his ex-wife and was present at the scene of the murders.



Simpson, who passed away at age 76 from cancer, was famously acquitted of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson, 35, and her friend Ron Goldman, 25, which occurred on June 12, 1994. Dunton’s revelation came during a recorded conversation with Barresi.

Dunton claimed that Simpson ordered the hit and that the four attackers were Gambino family members involved in various criminal activities. He stated that Simpson was on site during the murders and wanted to be there despite the horrific nature of the events.

The claims have not been independently verified, and Dunton’s statements were vague regarding the source of his information. Dunton mentioned that he had informed the police about what he knew but requested anonymity. Despite this, he was summoned to testify before a grand jury investigating Simpson’s friend Al Cowling. When Dunton refused, he was jailed for contempt.

Dunton’s former attorney, Robert Rentzer, managed to secure Dunton’s release after 23 days in jail. Rentzer did not hear about any mob hit involving Nicole Brown Simpson but noted that Dunton seemed to be fearful of something.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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