Oh Bilal: If I booked WreslteManiaXXVII

Given how far ahead WWE likes to plan angles these days, I decided to present my dream card fairly early so it can be debated in advance.



WWE Champion The Miz defends against Randy Orton

Why: I’m still hoping for The Miz to botch his Money In the Bank cash in. However, I feel he could steal the championship. Orton disappears for a month or two after only to be a surprise winner at the Royal Rumble.

World Heavyweight Champion Edge defends against Wade Barrett

Why: Edge seems to be emerging as the top face on Smackdown. But sadly we’ve seen Edge vs: Big Show, The Undertaker, and so forth far to often in past years. Given Nexus’ current angle with Undertaker this could pave the way for Barrett to swap brands and fight his way to the top.

The Undertaker’s streak vs John Cena’s “job”

Why: When Taker comes back he’ll sure seek revenge against Nexus. By this point I hope that John Cena has made the turn to the dark side and is a faithful member of Nexus. The stipulation here is John Cena’s job, though I would write it so that Cena would simply be removed from the Smackdown brand inhabited by Nexus. Thus making him a solo heel on RAW post-Mania.

Smackdown vs Raw: Big Show vs Sheamus

Why: Big Show and Sheamus are two of the final four in the Royal Rumble only to cost each other the win. We’ve seem some good tidbits of what these two can accomplish in the ring together. Now if we flush that out to an inter-branded rivalry you might have a classic on your hands.

Submission Only: US Champion Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk vs John Morrison

Why: Bryan has had a good run as US champion but with Punk shadowing him he eventually loses to Morrison leading to a title shot at Mania. If Punk is healthy he picks up a triple threat victory the week after to sneak into this match. The most interesting twist here is John Morrison trying to master a finishing submission move.

Falls Count Anywhere: Jack Swagger vs Kane

Why: At Elimination Chamber Kane and Swagger’s infighting leads to a double Spear costing both the World Heavyweight Championship. This breads a bitter hate feud. Kane is more resentful of Swagger for the easy life he’s had and looks to inflict some pain on him.

Ladder Match: Rey Mysterio vs Kaval

Why: Far too often the WWE buries the little guys. But for a change Rey and Kaval agree to give the fans the match they’ve been dying to see. To raise the stakes its a ladder match.

20 Superstar Battle Royal, winner receives IC Championship match.

Why: Firstly broadcast this live on WWE.com like past years. Secondly, the following championship match should occur after the Big Show vs Sheamus. Alberto Del Rio should take this one. A heel vs heel feud with Dolph Ziggler wouldn’t work but as a one night changing of hands this would be an ideal way for Del Rio to win Del Gold.

Anyways until next week,

Your either Wrestle Edge or against us!

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