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Original plans for Women’s Royal Rumble revealed

Royal Rumble

As noted before WWE announced the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match for the upcoming PPV during the recent episode of Monday Night Raw.

Now Pwinsider has revealed some interesting details about the original plans for this match and why the company decided to change it before making the official announcement.

According to the site, even though a Women’s Rumble was rumored for a while, the idea for it was only pitched last month and it was originally supposed to feature 15 women.

Currently, it’s not known how many participants will compete in the bout, but given the positive feedback it has received and considering the fact that all available women from both Raw and SmackDown are expected to be part of this match, the number is anticipated to be more than mentioned.

No word yet on who may win this upcoming historic bout but we’ll keep you posted if any backstage details about it come to life.

  • MrDr3w

    I don’t think Asuka will win, unless the angle between her and Absolution is resolved by next month.

    My favorites to win as of right now:
    1. Paige
    2. Ruby Riott
    3. Triple H
    4. James Ellsworth
    5. Sister Abigail

  • Yespage

    I’m half expecting HHH to win it, because he just can’t stop putting himself over and will want to win the women’s rumble.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Btw you are correct as Charlotte will be ringside and on commentary during the match.

  • Arnold Jackson

    I’m thinking with Rousey just being ringside (mind you they won’t put her in a match until then to protect her) and she will object to something that happens to Baszler during her being tossed over the top rope (and they are using NXT women in the match to fill the extra spaces FYI). Plus with her ringside she can jaw with the WWE 4. It’s pretty cookie cutter stuff.
    By Mania Carmella would have cashed in and be champ. She loses to Asuka (rumble winner) probably in a squash match (but I hope for a real match but doubt it).

    There you have 4 months of Women’s Wrestling written for you. You can thank Dusty Rhodes on the way out. 😉

  • MrDr3w

    The tricky thing with Rousey in the Rumble is that Charlotte won’t be participating in the match. She would have to be on commentary or something and they’d need to have a staredown. She obviously can’t win if the plans are to have a 4-on-4 at Mania. Which means Bayley, Sasha, Becky, or Baszler (if she’s even in it) can’t win either. Maybe Rousey will look over at Charlotte on commentary and get eliminated by say, Paige, when her back is turned. But then again, she may not even be in it.

    Howeverrrrrr, the point of returning/debuting superstars in the Rumble is to see if they can get over with the fans before testing them in an actual match. The best example would be AJ Styles. He didn’t win the Rumble, but he was super over with the crowd. So by the time he had his first real match (which, let’s be honest, wasn’t stellar), he had the crowd on his side. So even if Rousey can’t wrestle a match, if she makes an impact in the Rumble, her lack of wrestling ability won’t matter.

  • Arnold Jackson

    She may debut then but she won’t be an actual participant. She will interfere to set up the 8 woman tag match of Horse Women MMA vs Horse Women WWE at Mania. The rumble is about setting up Asuka for a title shot at Mania. They want Japanese wrestlers in high profile matches to get those buy rates from Japan up for the big show.

  • unknown183

    Rousey will debut and clean house. WWE is too damn predictable. Watch.