Paige Backstage Video With Vince McMahon Revealed

The former WWE star Paige had shared a laugh in an old backstage video with Vince McMahon. The latter recently took to Twitter to announce his retirement from professional wrestling. It was later clarified that he was also done with his work on creative. The former WWE CEO thanked the WWE Universe in a heartfelt message. The former WWE Divas Champion spoke highly of her former boss in a Tweet.



Paige sends a message to Vince McMahon

Paige stated that she appreciates everything that he has done for the business and thanked him. A fan responded with an old video featuring Bevis and McMahon in a backstage area. Bevis reacted to the video shortly after.

“Thank you for everything Vince! You’ve been nothing but nice to me and I appreciate everything you’ve done for wrestling! #ThankYouVince

Check it out below:

Paige won the Divas Champion on her first night on the main roster. She suffered a career-ending injury at a WWE house show in late 2017, and announced her retirement months later. Shortly after, she opened up about what happened after WWE decided against renewing her deal. According to Paige, Vince had a chat with her and said that he’s keeping the door open for a possible WWE return.

“If you don’t renew the contract then, I don’t think there’s any non-compete clause. That’s not what I was told on the phone. We’re having a normal conversation and it’s like, ‘So, we’re not gonna renew your contract.’ I texted Vince McMahon, he texted back. Everyone was respectful about it. It’s a bummer. They are keeping the door open, both Vince and Johnny [John Laurinaitis] said they’ll keep the door open, but that’s usually what companies say.”

She departed from WWE after her contract expired on July 7, 2022.

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