Pat McAfee Drops Tom Brady Wife Bombshell

Tom Brady has not made up his mind about his future.  On the latest episode of the Let’s Go podcast, which also airs on SiriusXM, Brady answeredJim Gray’s question about what his timetable for a decision is with “If I knew what I was going to f***ing do I would’ve already f***ing done it. I’m taking it a day at a time.”



Pat McAfee talks about the matter

On his show on Tuesday, Pat McAfee said that a fiery Tom Brady is what he wants to hear.

“That is a Tom Brady I would like to listen to every single day, if that’s what the Let’s Go podcast was,” he said. “Now, I don’t like that they bleeped him. We’re adults. It’s SiriusXM.”

McAfee added that this feels like a more authentic version of a guy who has been so careful about letting anyone get too close to him. He noted that there was an episode of Brady’s ESPN+ documentary Man in the Arena in which Mike Vrabel made the comment that Brady isn’t so perfect behind closed doors.

AQ Shipley, who makes regular appearances on McAfee’s show and played with Brady in Tampa, said that the GOAT is only the GOAT in front of the media. In the locker room, he always embraced just being one of the guys.

Pat McAfee said he has heard that a lot about Tom Brady and never really believed it.

“I just enjoyed hearing Tom being human there, because everyone that has been his teammate is like ‘you would enjoy Tom’ and I’m like ‘the guy selling that chocolate in social media videos? I don’t think so.’”

He added that last year, Brady was clearly pressured into a decision between the Buccaneers, FOX and his now-ex-wife all wanting a decision. That is probably what Brady was remembering when he fired back at Jim Gray.

“It’s almost like he’s like ‘Jim, what are you? My f***ing ex-wife, dude? I will take my f***ing time for the first time in my life. How about that?”.

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