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Paul Heyman comments on Brock Lesnar and the Superstar Shakeup

Advocate to WWE Universal Champion┬áBrock Lesnar, Paul Heyman, took to Twitter and Facebook to acknowledge this Monday’s upcoming Superstar Shakeup on Monday Night RAW. Here’s what Heyman had to say:

While my client Brock Lesnar and I are looking forward to WWE’s #SuperstarShakeup this coming Monday, let’s be perfectly transparent. There is everyone else on the WWE #RAW and #Smackdown rosters, and then there is Brock Lesnar (along with his humble #Advocate) ..It is imperative for Shane McMahon, Daniel Bryan, Stephanie McMahon, Kurt Angle and even Vince McMahon to know the intrinsic value my client Brock Lesnar brings not only to the #SuperstarShakeup but simply to WWE as a whole. In layman’s terms (or, actually, in HEYMAN’s terms), even the mere DISCUSSION about BrockLesnar in regards to the #SuperstarShakeup requires a negotiation IN ADVANCE of any discussion, no matter how high up or serious that discussion goes! #SuperstarShakeup. With this in mind, my client Brock Lesnar and I are “open4business” and we look forward to hearing new, innovative ways for WWE to ….promote / market Brock Lesnar as the once-ever athlete and performer that has blessed WWE with his presence.

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