Paul Heyman on if he’s leaving the WWE, the Undertaker, Roman Reigns

Paul Heyman recently spoke with Barstool Sports to help promote tonight’s PPV, WrestleMania 34. Heyman talked about numerous topics, including Lesnar ending the streak, Daniel Bryan, and, most importantly, if he is leaving the WWE after tonight. (h/t to WrestlingInc for the transcription)



Daniel Bryan returning to the ring:

I am moved to tears by Daniel Bryan’s return because ever since he was told by the doctors that he was being forced into retirement, the only vision Daniel Bryan had for himself was stepping back into the ring. So, not only on a day to day and minute to minute basis, but a micro moment to micro moment basis, everything and every breath that Daniel Bryan has taken, he has inhaled the desire to step back into the ring.

So, for Daniel Bryan to be given clearance and have the opportunity to live out far more than a dream is overwhelming because, #1, he truly deserves it as a human being, #2, he certainly deserves it as a performer, and #3, just watching someone work so hard to defy the odds and beat the system, and to come back from adversity is reaffirming in life because it reminds me personally that if you want it bad enough you can make it happen no matter how much the deck is stacked against you.

The impact of Lesnar ending The Undertaker’s streak:

I think Brock Lesnar conquered the streak… let me rephrase that, I think Brock Lesnar conquering the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania was the defining moment of this generation in WWE. It was the first WrestleMania on the WWE Network so it showed the potential audience WrestleMania is can’t miss and must see. It was the biggest victory that anyone can ever attain in WWE, and certainly the defining moment up until now of Brock Lesnar’s career because it was the biggest shock in WWE history.

Outside of that I think that watching Brock Lesnar conquer the streak was something that everyone in that stadium that night will always remember. It was the old, where were you when JFK was assassinated? Where were you when the man landed on the moon? Where were you when Undertaker conquered the streak. Up until this upcoming WrestleMania perhaps will go down as the biggest shock in WWE history.

How tonight’s match differs from Brock vs Roman at WrestleMania 31:

I see it being 36 months more progressive than three years ago. I see Brock Lesnar being three years more determined to lay a beating on Roman Reigns that will force and compel and constrain the WWE universe to respect Roman Reigns if for no other reason because Roman will demonstrate to the world that he can take a beating from Brock Lesnar that nobody else would be willing to take.

What happens if Brock Lesnar retains the Universal title tonight:

Brock Lesnar defeating Roman Reigns and retaining the championship at WrestleMania means to me that Brock Lesnar will be eyeballing a dual run as WWE World Champion and UFC as well.

If his time with the WWE is coming to a close soon:

Right now, Brock Lesnar and I have not made any secrets that Brock Lesnar and I have other projects outside of WWE after April 8th. At the UFC headquarters, with Brock’s arms around Dana White with a UFC t-shirt on, there’s no denying this. Nobody tried to keep this under wraps. It’s public knowledge.

Here it is. There was a recent article in one of the trade papers the other day that my agency [Looking for Larry Agency] in New York has cut a deal with Roy Bank and Banca Studios in Hollywood, California. We are going to be developing, joint ventures and co-production to pitch ideas to studios and television networks as well as movies that we are working on. We are not trying to keep this a secret. We are open about it. We are expanding our agency to do more movie projects.

When it comes to WWE, Brock Lesnar and I have made a vow to each other. We focus on April 8th. We want to do something in the main event of WrestleMania 34 that becomes career defining. If nothing else but the magic itself that is career defining for the both of us. If April 8th, 2018 is the last time that you see Brock Lesnar and/or Paul Heyman in a WWE ring, I think we are both comfortable and proud of our accomplishments in a WWE ring, and without hesitancy we say that it was a hell of a dramatic way to go.

If we choose after April 8th to do something with WWE we will decide that after that main event of WrestleMania 34, but right now we want to accomplish something so remarkable that after WrestleMania 34 on April 8th, it would nearly exceeds what Brock Lesnar accomplished after conquering Undertaker’s streak in the very same arena in the very same city, almost 4 years until the day because that was April 7th. Almost four years and one day after that event in New Orleans, LA. That is our focus and our tasks at hand.

Paul Heyman will accompany Brock Lesnar, possibly for the final time, at WrestleMania when he defends the Universal Championship against Roman Reigns.

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