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Podcast: A Completely Irrelevant AEW Dynamite

Arn Anderson

  • CC

    Regardless, it is the same stuff from this guy week in and week out. I just don’t get it. Why doesn’t he do a podcast about some other promotion? It’s not like there is WWE, NJPW, Impact, MLW & RoH among others.

  • MT McGee

    You have to admit NXT was far superior again tonight. Half the guys on the show were scrubs from Atlanta. AEW is going to lose all the momentum and buzz they had if they keep this crap up.

  • CC

    You just aint giving up on this are you. ha ha
    Do WWE pay you to talk like this about AEW?

    I am not exactly the biggest AEW fan right now, but man, if you cannot see any value in it as a promotion, then you really don’t know much about wrestling.
    How about you devote some time to talking about something else in wrestling for once?