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Possible reason for AJ Styles attacking Vince McMahon

This week’s Smackdown Live concluded with AJ Styles attacking Vince McMahon. This was definitely unexpected as no one thought AJ of all people would do that.

On the PW torch Smackdown Live recap, Wade Keller speculated that AJ’s interaction with Vince might be a sign of AJ going to the next level in WWE.

“I guess Vince is trying to bring out a more aggressive version of Styles and give him a bit of a McMahon rub, we’ll have to see where this goes. I guess Vince thinks he can have kind of the Midas touch getting AJ to the next level because AJ has been too nice lately.”

“This is just another Ruthless Aggression speech from fifteen years ago and the ‘Puke thing’ (‘He’s gonna puke, he’s gonna puke”) [from Beyond The Mat}. It’s just this window into this odd Vince McMahon personality, but it’s just strange watching Vince do it where it just feels brittle and weird, I don’t know.”

Keller also added that Vince is an odd individual and that cannot be argued with. With the start of the New Era in WWE, perhaps we will be seeing an AJ we have never seen him before. We will have to wait and see how this develops.

  • Soulshroude

    A.J. didn’t “attack” vince. Vince slapped A.J. FIRST.