Primo of the Colons has suffered a knee injury

Amidst the rumours of the Colons asking for their WWE release, Pro Wrestling Sheet has revealed that one-half of the former Tag Team Champions, Primo Colon have suffered an injury.



According to the site, Primo has suffered a knee injury and it’s being said that he’ll be undergoing surgery very soon to repair his knee, though no exact date has been revealed for the surgery yet.

Currently it’s not known when or where he suffered this injury. Details about his return are not out yet either, but considering the fact that he’ll need a surgery, The SmackDown Live Star could very well be out of action for several months at least.

It’s worth noting here that recently there were rumours of The Colons asking for their WWE release. These speculations were fuelled by the fact that Primo missed some recent Live Events he was scheduled for and he didn’t appear on this week’s SmackDown Live either.

Although now things are becoming clearer as Primo’s injury appears to be the real reason why he didn’t show up at the recent events. We’ll keep you posted on any further development.


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