Pro Wrestler Retires After Domestic Abuse Allegation

Former IMPACT Wrestling star Davey Richards is a veteran of the independent circuit with multiple singles and tag team title reigns under his belt. The 40-year-old has competed in Ring of Honor, Major League Wrestling, and Over the Top Wrestling to name a few.



Richards has found himself in hot waters after a controversy that sparked certainly. He has been accused of domestic violence and it seems he has decided to hang up his boots following that.

Davey Richards decides to retire

The accusations have already led to several wrestling promotions cutting ties with the former Ring of Honor world Champion. Davey Richards deactivated his social media in the wake of the allegations but issued a statement to PWInsider wherein he announced his retirement from pro wrestling.

Anarchy Wrestling announced a day ago they were disassociating themselves from Davey Wrestling in the wake of the domestic abuse allegations. Team Ambition followed the same path just a day later. Prestige Wrestling also cut ties with Davey Richards.

In a lengthy note, Richards once again denied the allegations while revealing he’s stepping away from the squared circle.

“Hello everyone –

Wow, what a couple of days.

There are allegations of Domestic Violence against me.

The allegations I adamantly deny and if you look on casenet in MO under my name Wesley David Richards you’ll see there are no charges filed against me.

However, I do understand the industry’s stance on this matter.

Everyone should feel safe at shows and I do not want to be the person whom damages that.

The pic being posted of my wife’s eye is from training and we regulatory train in martial arts as many of the students have have got black eyes and such.

Again, no charges were filed and I deny these allegations but I must do what is right and not what I want.

So I am canceling myself.

This great sport is far too wonderful for anyone, including myself to tarnish it.

I will wrap up my shows this weekend and I will be retiring from professional wrestling.

Please continue to support Team Ambition and this sport.


Barry Russell
Barry Russell
A dedicated pro wrestling follower for more than a decade

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