Push for Amazing Red’s Brother, Bischoff’s New Reality Show, Generico-TNA Update, More

– As noted before, El Generico wrestled a TNA dark match last night and is booked to wrestle another tonight. Generico is still under contract to ROH and received permission from officials to do the TNA matches.



– Samoa Joe noted on Twitter earlier this month that he was “stabbed” in the torso by a pocket knife that was left open in his couch at home.

– Eric Bischoff and Jason Hervey have sold a new show called Beverly Hills Fabulous to the VH1 network that will debut on March 21st. The show is about an African American beauty salon in Beverly Hills and will follow the family of Elgin Charles, who owns the salon.

– Tommy Mercer, the guy who has been playing Amazing Red’s brother, has wrestled in the Nashville area and served five years in the US Army, including two tours of Iraq as a part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He’s currently studying business management at Austin Peay State University. He is in line for a big push in TNA.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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