Rating For This Week’s Episode Of Raw, HBK Declined WWE Executive Position

– The August 6 episode of garnered a 3.08 cable rating over the course of three hours, the same rating as last week. Raw also averaged a 3.23 rating from 9:00 through the 11:00 p.m. overrun, which is identical to last week.



Unlike the last two weeks, the rating for the third hour of Raw declined from the second hour. The program garnered a 3.26 rating in the second hour before declining to a 3.19 in the third. The first hour drew a 2.80 rating compared to 2.79 the week before.

Overall viewership declined 130,000 from last week to 4,360,000 viewers. Raw averaged 4,070,000 viewers in the first hour, 4,650,000 in the second hour and 4,470,000 in the third hour. It was the least watched episode overall since June and least watched from 9:00 through the 11:00 p.m. overrun since July 9.

– Shawn Michaels stated on Twitter Tuesday afternoon that he has declined a behind-the-scenes role with WWE. When asked on Twitter how he would react if offered an executive position by WWE chief Vince McMahon, Michaels replied, “He has, and for now, I’ve declined.”

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

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