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Raven reveals he considered his Wrestling career a failure

While the former WWE Star Raven won more than a dozen Championships during his career, it appears that he regretted not winning the WWE World title.

During a recent interview on Prime Time with Sean Mooney, the former WCW Star talked about his career, working on his mental struggles and more.

While talking about his time in WWE, Raven revealed that he considered his career a failure for never winning the World Championship in the company:

“I always held myself to a higher standard. I thought my career was a failure because I never was the World Champion of WWE. Of course, the odds against that were astronomical. The fact that I burned my bridge up there numerous times was making sure it’s not going to happen and I may not have been qualified to be the World Champion – I mean, I think I was – but let’s say some people didn’t think I was.”

Later in the interview, the former Wrestler also talked about how his Psychologist helped him in realizing that his career was successful. You can check out his full interview in the video below:

  • Yespage

    When was DDP a WWE original?

  • Soulshroude

    The guy was a “wash-up” to begin with.

  • vintage gentleman

    Vince still thought this guy was using the Johnny Polo gimmick..

  • rob

    must be a little frustating for some older guys to see that nowadays the wwe gives the championship to almost anyone for diferent reasons even if it’s for a short time, at least back then when he wrestle the WWF belt meant something, nowadays a guy is champion one day and the next month he’s back as a midcarder, guys like ziggler, the miz, jinder, etc, etc

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    To be fair though, he never stood a chance being an outside guy. I always wanted to see a feud between Raven and the Undertaker personally (I said from day one that Raven would have been perfect as the undertakers wife’s “stalker”. But being a wrestler from a rival promotion has never really sat well with Vince because that’s just how petty he is.

  • CC

    I think you are over estimating how big the flock was. Compare it to say The NWO, and it was a minor blip on the radar.

    As for it being over big with the fans… means nothing. Once upon a time Zack Ryder was over big with the fans. Once upon a time Fandango was over big with the fans. The list goes on and on. Reaching that top step and maintaining that popularity with fans is the big winner, and Raven himself even says he feels he failed because he did not become world champ. So are you saying he is wrong? The guy knows how he feels, and he obviously feels he was not successful enough.
    So the question here should be, What are you talking about?

    I love the Hurricane, but putting a world championship on him … really? That would not have worked and would probably have hurt him. Comedy champions rarely ever work.

    Ravens gimmick was a product of its time, where people were becoming disillusioned with life in general and was the reason Grunge music took over. Given a few more years, and nobody wanted a depressing gimmick like that. He would have had to evolve.

  • Rinn13

    What are you talking about? The Flock was huge in WCW, with the fans at least. But WCW’s brass didn’t push, just like they didn’t push 98% of the roster not named Hogan, Flair, Savage, Nash, Hall, Goldberg, etc. It’s honestly a miracle that DDP was pushed like he was, and only really because Macho Man wanted to put him over.

    Raven and a version of the Flock gimmick could have worked in WWE, he just never did it. And then they finally put him back on Raw, had him cut his hair and come to the ring in ridiculous trunks, totally ruining his character and image, and then he abruptly left. The thing is, it isn’t up to the promoter who gets over with the fans. Just ask Roman Reigns. Some promoters certainly seem to think so, but TRADITIONAL booking logic, dictates that it is fans who decide who is “over” or not, by cheering or booing them accordingly. The fact is, Raven was over with fans. Rhyno was over with fans. Tazz was over with fans. Any one of those guys, WWE could have CHOSEN to push to the moon, and fans 100% would have accepted it. But they didn’t, because none of those guys were jacked body builders. Hell, there was a point in time when The Hurricane was so over, they VERY easily could have put the World Title on him, and fans 100% would have gone nuts and bought into him as champ. But they didn’t capitalize on his hot streak, and he cooled off, etc.

    There are so many cases of ample evidence that Vince is not nearly the “wrestling genius” people give him credit for. There are MANY stars he should have pushed, many more that he shouldn’t have, and many booking decisions that to this day, make you scratch your head (such as NOT putting the belt on Piper after WM1, having Hogan chase the title until WM2, and having the main event be Hogan vs. Piper one on one, in a cage, for the title. Instead? Vince booked Hogan vs. King Kong Bundy. Yeah.

  • CC

    I think the thing is, when you join WWE (or any promotion for that matter), if you do not believe you can be champion, you have no place being there. It does not matter if you are good or bad, you have to have that self belief.

    Personally I liked Raven, but his gimmick was never gonna be a huge success in the likes of WWE. It was perfect for ECW, but just did not have the legs to get over with a WWE or WCW crowd in the same way.