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Reality Show Interested In Dixie Carter, TNA Interested In Former WWE Talent, Attendance

– TNA’s Bruce Prichard is looking at signing former WWE developmental talent Wes Brisco, the son of Gerald Brisco.

– The TNA live event in North Charleston, South Carolina on July 6th drew around 1,000 fans.

– A new show is in the works called “Real Housewives of Nashville” and is being produced by the same people who did “Real Housewives of Orange County.” Apparently they want TNA President Dixie Carter on the show and getting her on the cast is of high priority.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • dwewa

    I thought Dixie & her husband lived in TX, actually!

  • Automattic

    But on a more serious note, TNA has always done better when it’s promoted its own home-grown talent. People started to view it more negatively when TNA brought in WWE guys and almost immediately gave them the championship. That started the downfall of the X Division and TNA’s status. Now with having Bobby Roode, James Storm, and Austin Aries as the main title contenders, plus the revamped focus on the X Division, I think TNA is on an upswing.

  • Automattic


    Yeah pretty much 🙂 WWE and TNA both have their strong and weak points, and things they do better than the other. Just wanted to throw in a little fun on these comments 🙂

  • Tyler(:

    SYM “ur” a TNA Mark then, boy.

  • adam

    @poko ya they shouldnt avoide good talent but they should avoide doing stuff that wwe can use against them in a counter suit. Thats what tna was saying wwe steals our talent blah blah blah well they did it well before wwe did. As for he real housewives thing anything to keep her away from being on Impact or paying to close attention to it is good by me.

  • Pig


    You trying to say you’re not a troll?

  • Automattic

    Guys, really. Note the face at the end of that statement. That is to denote lightheartedness, which is indicative of humor. In other words…

    IT’S A JOKE! LIGHTEN UP! I’d hate to see how you guys reacted to a real troll.

  • SYM

    Yeah Poko’s right. WWE takes TNA Wrestlers as well. The only reason your not whining is because ur a WWE Mark.

  • drew

    Real house wife? Do they want Dixie’s husband?

  • poko

    Don’t be ignorant. No one should ignore good talent just because they’ve worked elsewhere. Did Brisco even appear at any WWE events? Can someone really whine because TNA picks up a guy from FCW?

  • Automattic

    “TNA interested in former WWE talent.”

    Also known as “the TNA business model” 😀