Update on reason behind Brock Lesnar’s absence from Raw

While it was previously reported that Brock Lesnar was never considered for an appearance at this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, a new report contradicts this.



According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Officials were trying to figure out a way to follow his title loss, but the company couldn’t find a sensible angle for him.

They didn’t want to have Brock destroying everything since it would have put focus on The Beast while he is believed to be on his way out of the company.

Having Braun Strowman destroy the former Universal Champion wouldn’t have made sense either because they couldn’t follow the angle with a match anytime soon.

This is why the company decided to keep Brock Lesnar away from the episode and played the Paul Heyman segment where Kurt Angle denied Heyman’s request for a rematch to seemingly write Lesnar off TV.

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