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The Reason That Nikki Bella Did Not Appear On Monday’s Episode Of RAW

Nikki Bella, who is recovering from neck surgery, was scheduled to be on Monday’s episode of RAW to set up something that would have factored into the 5-on-5 Divas match at WrestleMania 32. Due to her recovering from surgery, it would have been in a non-wrestling role. 

The reason that Bella did not appear on the show is due to her doctors telling her that if she took a bump, then it would set her recovery back. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Bella has been told by her doctors that a full-time ring return will never be possible based on the severity of her injury.

Bella will meet with doctors in July for a CAT scan to see if the bone in her neck has fused. Bella is hopeful to return to WWE TV in a part-time role if the surgery is a success.

  • JAckh45

    Yeah with Brie gone im so happy, hate her haha, but Nikki actually wanted to be there and wanted to improve… such a waste.
    Oh well Bye Bye Bellas.

  • oppa

    They’ll both be around part time and still featured a lot on Total Divas. But if Nikki can never wrestling full time again, she should probably get married and have the family she’s always wanted while she’s still young.

  • Hunter_13

    brie is retiring soon to take care of daniel bryan, i think with this news of nikki, the end of both bellas is in the near future

  • oppa

    So if her an Brie are both unable to work full time, Vince will probably try to have them switch off so that he can keep a Bella on tv at all times.