Recap of Chris Jericho’s Appearance on IFC’s Z Rock Show, Eve & Maria

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– Here’s a recap of Chris Jericho on IFC’s Z Rock show from PWInsider and Terri Bey:

I just watched Chris Jericho as a guest star on the IFC show Z Rock. This show was hilarious. The plot is that Z Rock has to play for a wrestling themed birthday party for a kid who was sick. The band dresses up as wrestlers in funny costumes and their female manager who was on the way to the show got sidetracked by Jim Norton who wanted pot and she winds up having lunch with him to try to be her newest client. At the show, they are performing and all, and then Chris Jericho is introduced as a guest. The drummer is a totally full fledged wrestling mark and loves Chris Jericho. Well, he calls and tells the manager that Jericho is at the party. Norton who is having lunch with her says that he will consider signing with her if she can get him a photo with Jericho.

At the party, Jericho, on bass, is jamming with the band and they get into a discussion over playing Happy Birthday. The band says they are an original band and do not want to pay royalties to the composer of Happy Birthday. Anyway, Jericho agrees to play and the drummer gives him a hug.

Then Norton comes in and tries to buy marijuana off of the kid who is having the birthday and the kid’s mother intervenes saying the kid’s dad is rich and can throw such a party. In other words, the kid was not really “sick.”

The band plays a song called “Blow it Hard” to the kid and the drummer told Jericho that he “brought the violence” to the song. Well, Jericho misunderstands what the drummer said, and they get into this huge fight and the drummer knocks Jericho off the the stage and Jericho is in pain. Hilarious. Then Norton comes in and lays next to Jericho who is writhing in pain and takes a photo with Jericho. Funny as hell.

The show ends when Jericho is at a podium, in two or three different casts and braces announcing his retirement saying he broke his fibula and such. He then announces that he is going into being a wrestling manager and his new client is Norton and Norton jumps out in the tights.

End of show.

Show was hilarious. Jericho was great. Very funny stuff.

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