Recap Of Triple H On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Triple H appeared on the Tuesday night edition of NBC’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. He was introduced as one of the biggest wrestlers in WWE, and they showed an old clip of Jimmy talking about how if they ever had Triple H on the show they would have him rise up from the floor with smoke machines going off.



HHH does indeed make his entrance through the hole in the stairs with smoke everywhere and the lights out, with the band playing his WWE entrance music. He sits down and says he’s glad he didn’t get stuck in the hole, and fellow guest Ashton Kutcher says his dog barks at the TV every time HHH is on but not any of the other wrestlers.

They get into the promo for SummerSlam, which Fallon says is the Summer version of WrestleMania. Triple H jokes that he and Shawn Michaels might make Legacy admit defeat on Twitter when they lose. He says he doesn’t know how to “Tweet or Tw*t or any of that.”

They conclude the interview with a clip of Triple H and Jimmy Fallon fighting in the new WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2010 videogame.

*SPOILERS* Legacy “Evolving” Into Bigger Group To Defeat DX [BIGGEST STORYLINE OF 09; FULL DETAILS >>]

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