Report On WCW Tie-in At WrestleMania, Alberto Del Rio’s Latest Claim, More

— Alberto Del Rio claimed in an interview last week that he is actually a third generation wrestler. He said his grandfather was a wrestler, but never famous. However, it has never been claimed that Mil Mascaras and Dos Caras are sons of wrestlers.



— Lilian Garcia is auctioning off several clothing items from her time in WWE including outfits and boots. To view her items, click here.

— Daniel Bryan commented on Kaval’s release from WWE with the following: “Not sure what happened, but I’d always hoped I could face @OneWorldWarrior on WWE TV. He’s one of the most talented men I’ve ever wrestled.”

— While the extent is unclear, with WrestleMania XXVII taking place in Atlanta, Georgia near the ten-year anniversary of the death of World Championship Wrestling, there will be some sort of tie-in involving the defunct wrestling promotion at the event.


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