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Report: WWE superstars not optimistic regarding celebrity matches

WWE brought Cain Velasquez and Tyson Fury on the debut episode of Smackdown Live on Fox. From what it seems, they are being booked for only one match each.

It is expected that WWE will announce their matches in Las Vegas this Friday, as they have a press conference arranged on that day.

According to a report by Fightful Select, WWE superstars are not too optimistic regarding the celebrity matches that are going to take place at WWE Crown Jewel. It is also likely that Velasquez and Fury will be victorious in their respective matches.

The wrestlers we spoke to aren’t optimistic about any pro wrestler’s chances in a match booked against incoming celebrities and athletes.

With the money WWE is getting from their Saudi Arabia deal, they are able to make these huge matches a reality. We will get to know how the booking for the matches proceed soon enough.

  • Crown Jewel has been a steaming pile of dung the last 2 times, so it looks like we’re par for the course. Skipping this show completely.

  • oppa

    We’re talking about 2 matches involving 4 people where only 2 of them know how to wrestle and only 1 on them wrestles on a regular basis. How can this be exciting and ground breaking for the rest of the roster?

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    How can they put the title on Cain if he’s only signed for 1 match? Either way, I still think Vince wants Brock to win & get his loss back, b/c in Vince’s mind UFC & WWE wins are equal. hahahaha

    But Braun Strowman is losing 100%! Why else would Tyson Fury even bother? He’s just getting a check to promote his boxing career

  • Dub Blue

    I’m a Smart Wrestling Fan.

  • James Oldham

    Quoting Solomonster at the beginning 😉

  • Dub Blue

    Sweet saudi blood money 4: Please, God, let there be no more! These shows are also an embarrassment. Lots of pyro and a card full of meaningless matches and people who have no business being in the ring. Can’t wait for Sweet saudi blood money 5: Bet you can’t get out alive where we get the Williams sisters going for the women’s tag belts and Rob Gronkowski vs Mojo for the IC title in the main event.


    MARK !

  • KEK