Ric Flair ‘Goes After’ Rob Van Dam For Sad Reason

Ric Flair is not taking the alligations against him laying down. While the WWE Hall of Famer issued two idendial statements on social media via Twitter on Monday, Flair is also issuing accusations of his own. On the platform, he issued this following tweet that is allegedly directed toward someone responsible for the VICE ‘Dark Side of the Ring’ episode that focused on the infamous Plane Ride From e ell and included the sexual assault alligations. Rob Van Dam recently leaked this ‘disgusting’ Ric Flair accusation.



Flair stated about a Rob Van Dam tweet: “A Man Tried To Destroy My Reputation Based On An Assumption. I Don’t Even Know What To Say Right Now.”

Flair has been accused by a flight attendanant that was on the aforementioned ‘Plane ride from hell’ stated that he allegedly forced himself onto the stewardess. The full tweet can be viewed below.

On a recent apperance on Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions podcast, Flair revealed what he stated to Vince McMahon when he was released by the WWE earlier this year. Of course, it should be noted that this was before Flair’s recent controversy. Credit to ItsStillRealToUs for the below.

Flair said: “I talked to Vince after it was over and I said, ‘Whatever paths our lives take us, we’re always going to be brothers’. He said, ‘You’re damn right’. Ashley (Charlotte) would never leave there, she’s the happiest she’s ever been. Obviously, they’re not mad at me.”

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