Ric Flair reveals what really happened during bar incident

As we previously reported, WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair was recently kicked out of a bar for calling the bartender a ‘fat a**.’ Flair recently joined The Dan La Batard Show to tell his side of the story, and you can read what he had to say here:



“I am going to give you the exact story, okay? I was in Fort Wayne, Indiana and the four-hundred autographs I signed, that I got paid a lot of money for…I called the hotel and asked ‘Where does somebody go to [get to] some bar called The Deck?’ Rule number one, I walk in, said to the guy, ‘Will you please put on the golf tournament?’ It’s only The Masters, right? He goes ‘What do you think this is a sports bar?’ I said ‘I didn’t say it was a sports bar, I asked you to put on The Masters.’ He goes ‘If I get a chance,’ right? So, all of a sudden we’re ‘Measuring.’ [Laughs] So then, I only had one drink, I asked him for a rinse, he takes my drink, throws the glass onto the ice in the tank, right, and starts pouring, and I go ‘Sir, doesn’t a premium drink require a new glass?’ And he goes ‘You tellin’ me how to bartend?’ and I said ‘Not if I have to, dumba–, but since you’re asking, you’re a dumba–.’ He walked over and said ‘Are you calling me a dumba–?’ I said, ‘I can call you a fat a–, they both work.'”

(quotes via Wrestling Inc.)

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