Ricky Steamboat Discusses His Son Richie, Talents at FCW and Taker-HHH

– WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat spoke with The Miami Herald this week to promote WWE’s Florida Championship Wrestling. Some highlights:



His son Richie Steamboat:
“I never put his back against the wall because I knew his true love was racing, but when he found out how hard it was, even using the Steamboat name, it was really hard. Two or three years ago that happened, and here we are signing autographs together. I could have sent him straight to FCW, but I wanted to see if his heart was in it. There is a place in Charlotte with George South. He spent a few months there because it was close to home. Then I sent him to Harley Race’s camp for about three or four months. Then, after that, I sent him overseas to Japan, and he lived in the dojo with the Japanese guys. He came back from there, and I sent him to Carlos Colon in Puerto Rico. He was down there, and then I sent him overseas to Ireland and England where he wrestled the Europeans. This was all a test to see if his heart was in it. When he came back, he was so enthused about wanting to carry the name and be a pro wrestler. Then I sent him to Tampa.”

The talent at FCW:
“Seth Rollins [Tyler Black] is very good. A product of Ring of Honor, I think he has been wrestling for seven or eight years. Bo Rotundo is another one. His father is IRS. A majority of the guys can be taught to pick up a guy for a body slam, how to suplex or do arm drags and all the different type of holds. It’s how you apply it. Some guys have two left feet and trip over themselves. Some guys are true athletes and move well in the ring. You can see that. It’s something you can’t be taught. That’s something you are gifted with. Those are the things I look for.”

Triple H and The Undertaker at WrestleMania:
“I didn’t know that they were going to wrestle each other. I am at home watching Monday Night Raw like everybody else. ‘Taker comes out first. He was away injured and not being very active. Then all of a sudden they hit Triple H’s music, and he comes out. The two of them don’t even say a word. They just look up at the WrestleMania symbol. You got the picture. A picture is worth a thousand words. I called Dean Malenko up. I called Arn Anderson up. I called Mike Rotundo. I had been down at FCW, and it was Monday. I was going to watch some Raw, and I found out. They were both contemplating on what to say. They ended up saying nothing, and that was the best deal.”

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