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Ricochet Comments On Rumors Of Him Going To WWE NXT

It was reported in this week’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Ricochet has told indie promoters that he isn’t taking any booking dates after June. He has been rumored to join WWE NXT, and it appears that he will be joining the company.

However, one source told Dave Meltzer that WWE NXT may end up being where he eventually winds up but not his immediate move. Ricochet currently works for Lucha Underground. He can get out of his deal with LU after the third season, and the third season finishes taping in mid-May. It should be noted that his deal with LU wouldn’t allow him to go to WWE until six months after the season finishes airing, which would be late 2017.

Ricochet took to Twitter to address the rumor:

  • Meltzer is Wrong

    gees you would of thought that Meltzer would of learned from the Hernandez issues where Hernandez was in in Season 1 of Lucha Underground and then appeared on TNA Impact (during the Destination America broadcast era) and Lucha Underground told TNA to cease and desist using Hernandez on Imapct while Lucha Underground Season 1 was still airing. TNA had to dump all the future vision footage of Hernandez which also directly led to TNA also loosing MVP as a performer, so as Trevor Mann has a contract with Lucha Underground which sees him doing 3 years that also means 3 years on TV time and Season 3 Lucha Undergound would be ending around August 2017 which is some 16 months from end of April 2016. I doubt WWE via NXT would sign Trevor Mann from now and be unable to use him for anything, but you know good ol Meltzer forgetting these little issues because he guesses nearly 75% of what he writes.

    Also the midget that does audio with him should of released from the Hernandez incident.