Roddy Piper Speaks on Hosting RAW, Wrestling Vince and More

– In an interview with, WWE Hall of Famer Rowdy Roddy Piper says that he’ll be hosting an upcoming edition of WWE RAW. While Piper hosting WWE RAW seems to be an indication that everything is fine between the two parties, that’s far from the case. Piper says he wasn’t happy with his involvement at WrestleMania 25 this April and wants to close his career on a better note.



“I wasn’t very happy with Wrestlemania XXV. In my mind, I want to put a cap on it as you say, with one more match, an extraordinary performance,” Piper said. “Ya know the clock is tickin’, let’s be honest, so sooner rather then later. So, I think if you saw me in RAW that it would be leading into that match. I don’t know what it is yet. But yeah, you are correct.”

Since WrestleMania back in April, Piper has been outspoken against WWE for booking him in a three-on-one handicap match with Ricky Steamboat and Jimmy Snuka against Chris Jericho. “I wasn’t wild about WrestleMania 25 to put it mildly. There’s not a chance in hell that that’s the last way you’re gonna see me,” Piper said on the Monday Night Mayhem radio show in August. “There will definitely be a return of Roddy Piper…and sooner than later. How many more fights I have in me, I don’t know.”

Piper knows that his days in the ring are virtually over, but he’s got an idea for one more high profile match that he’d like to see take place at WrestleMania 26 next year. “You got Vince McMahon who’s done a great job of promoting, who became a bodybuilder, and the last I saw him, I think he’s convinced himself he could fight now,” Piper said. “I say this…why don’t you just put Roddy Piper and Vince McMahon in the ring.”

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