Roman Reigns ‘Creative Control’ In WWE Revealed

Roman Reigns could be the new Hulk Hogan! On the latest episode of the “Nitty Gritty Dirt Show” on, host Billi Bhatti and former WWE writer Vince Russo, discussed how much creative control and say ‘The Tribal Chief’ and current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has had during his latest run with the company. Brock Lesnar is rumored to be added to a WrestleMania world title match. Wrestling-Edge transcribed Bhatti’s comments below.



Bhatti: Here’s the thing, the only reason that happened was because Roman is in on his own terms. Like the part of his comeback was to have Paul Heyman, a part of his comeback to work with who he wanted to work with, which is why you saw the Uso situation and why we were heading to Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns and why we saw Kevin Owens elevated as well to why we are seeing the push of Cesaro. Roman Reigns works with whoever Roman Reigns wants to work with.

In other news concerning Roman Reigns, the general counsel for the ‘Tribal Chief’, Paul Heyman recently delivered this message on the highly successful WWE program ‘Talking Smack’ prior to the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view last Sunday. Seth Rollins recently responded to Roman Reigns’ heel turn.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s fight week; it’s fight weekend. You have the rare opportunity to see in action a legend, a once-in-a-lifetime champion, the standard-bearer in WWE, Roman Reigns,” Heyman began. “‘The Tribal Chief’ himself will defend the Universal Championship tomorrow at Elimination Chamber against the winner of that very chamber. The winner of that very chamber, a man who can display such — politically incorrect word — violence that he not only survives but thrives inside the chamber beats whoever is surviving and emerges as the victor. What happens then?

“Then, that man gets to step into the ring for the Universal Championship less than two months outside of WrestleMania against Roman Reigns. The entire complexion of WWE can change this weekend … There is no WWE without Roman Reigns. There is no SmackDown without Roman Reigns. There is no RAW without Roman Reigns. There is no NXT without Roman Reigns. We all exist because of Roman Reigns. He is the sun that we all orbit around. We’ve got the juice [and] we’ve got the stroke. We’ve got the power and influence around here.” This WWE icon also discussed wanting Roman Reigns as an opponent when he was retired.

Credit to Wrestling Inc. for the second half of this transcription.

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