Roman Reigns to defend Intercontinental Championship against Samoa Joe on Monday Night Raw

Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe have been butting heads a lot in the past month, usually ending with Samoa Joe choking out the Big Dog. The Samoan Submission Machine has been walking up to everyone he sees and jacking them in the jaw, and Roman is no exception.



On Monday Night Raw, after a returning John Cena defeated the Drifter Elias, Kurt Angle was seen trying to get Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan on the same page. The two were arguing over who would take on Samoa Joe. Angle, instead, granted them an opportunity for the Raw tag team titles later in the night.

As the two exited the screen, the camera panned to Angle’s right, revealing the Intercontinental Champion. Angle told Reigns that tonight, Joe was his. However, the match would be for the intercontinental championship. Will Reigns walk out tonight still champion, or will Joe capture his first main roster title since debuting earlier this year?

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