Roman Reigns Drops Cryptic Brock Lesnar Bombshell

Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon haven’t yet worked out a new deal, but Roman Reigns mentioned him on Smackdown. He said at WrestleMania he briefly felt a moment of doubt against Edge and Daniel Bryan, about 10 seconds, and he told Paul Heyman to ask Brock Lesnar, as he was sure he could relate. Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso later came out, with Roman Reigns reuniting the Bloodline after weeks of tension.



Vince McMahon is pretty known to be petty. Many superstars have found themselves in awful storylines after stepping on the toes of Vince McMahon or being made to drop titles or to be buried. The worst part is when superstars are fired out of nowhere just because of a flub they caused from years and years ago. Going at the boss aside, it’s hard to believe that he would do much of anything to harm Rey Mysterio. Is it really that far fetched?

Konnan recently stated on Twitter: ” Vince did not believe in Rey while everyone else did & to prove his point while he was champion totally buried him including when I personally went to shows in San Diego w/the place littered w/Rey merch & signs & they would squash him…”

This echoed heavily through social media and eventually caught the attention of Dave Meltzer.

Dave replied back to Konnan: “We’ve talked about this. Vince didn’t want him as champion, or even in the title match at Mania as he was booked to win the Rumble and not get a title shot at Mania, but Patterson & the writing team convinced him to go with Rey and he agreed to try and prove them wrong.”

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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