Roman Reigns vs. Goldberg 2022 Match Leaks

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns could be facing WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg once again down the road. Billi Bhatti recently reported on The Wrestling Informer that a potential match between Goldberg and Reigns will take place in Saudi Arabia, or possibly WrestleMania. Goldberg Reveals Sad Undertaker Accident In Ring



Drew McIntyre wants a title match with Roman Reigns

Drew McIntyre recently revealed his plans to get a title match against Universal Champion Roman Reigns. ‘The Scottish Warrior’ got a dominant victory over Mustafa Ali on SmackDown this week and the former WWE Champion stated that he plans to work to go up the ranks by defeating the entire roster of the Blue Brand before challenging ‘The Tribal Chief’.

Here is what Drew McIntyre said:

“It came out of necessity. Brock and Roman were tearing up the show, things were going off the rails, and I saw the opportunity since I wasn’t booked in a match to make an impact, to take my place on SmackDown, to make an open challenge, to give them a hell of a match. And then this week I thought well that was pretty cool last week. Maybe look well again since I don’t technically have a match, make an open challenge, and I will continue to do it for.. think it’s about 28 to 29 guys on the SmackDown roster.. the next 28-29 weeks. I’ll beat everybody. Starting from the bottom, working to the top, like I said last week. I will inevitably get that title match with The Big Dog, with The Head of the Table, whatever name he’s going by these days. Whatever I have to do. I’m a patient man, but it’s gonna happen,” said Drew McIntyre.

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