Roman Reigns vs. Sami Zayn Winner Revealed?

WWE are trying to take steps in the direction of building up to the end of the Bloodline. While the faction are extremely over with the crowd; it does feel like it has to start moving along a little more. In fact, WWE in general should move along storylines such as this and Bray Wyatt’s current storyline.



In a recent post on Twitter, Xero stated it appears Sami Zayn may lose at Elimination Chamber to Roman Reigns, leading to a title strip: “Told Roman vs Sami is 100% locked for EC. Yet to be decided if for 1 belt or both. More towards the breakup should happen tonight.”

With that, it looks like Sami will somehow get a way out of the faction.

Xero continued: “This is now the plan I am advised. If Sami doesn’t win at EC then. Pearce will strip Roman as a “punishment” for all the attacks on Raw. The attacks storyline will progress over coming weeks to lead to this.”

This all came from this original Tweet stating: “From Source: I’m told The Bloodline’s invasions of Raw may end up eventually leading to Roman Reigns being stripped of the WWE Championship. Reigns is still set to defend both titles against The Rock in the Main Event of Night 2.”

Of course, this then starts to set up the decline of the Bloodline, which could either go very well or not well at all. It’s a risk that WWE must take in order to get movement back into the company and to keep people guessing.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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