Ron DeSantis Reveals Sad Trump Tape Rumor

Ron DeSantis recently recalled knocking on doors while running for re-election in the House as mentioned in DeSantis’s book The Courage to Be Free, obtained by the Guardian prior to publication. The comments from DeSantis comes after Paul Ryan, then speaker of the House of Representatives, pulled his endorsement of Trump in the wake of an Access Hollywood tape in which the celebrity businessman boasted about grabbing women’s private parts.



It has been noted that many voters were “very upset” at Ryan and he felt that the Republican establishment was “locking arms” against Trump.

DeSantis, known for his pugnacious approach to reporters, quotes Trump as saying that the media are “the enemy of the American people” and comments that national legacy press outlets “spent the next four years proving Trump right”.

DeSantis also accused Paul Ryan of being disloyal and abandoning Trump when his Access Hollywood tape leaked where he sadly said you can grab women by the *****.

For example, DeSantis dismisses the allegation that Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia as the work of Democrats and their “media armies” after Hillary Clinton’s defeat. “Their joint goal was to kneecap Trump’s presidency any way they could and to drive him out of office entirely.”

The author further stated that with apparent pride that he was one of the earliest opponents in Congress of the Russia investigation. “While the hysteria about Russia collusion consumed much of Trump’s presidency, at the end of the day, Russia collusion was little more than a tall tale, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

The special counsel Robert Mueller did not establish a conspiracy between members of the Trump campaign and Russians. But a bipartisan Senate report affirmed the US intelligence community’s conclusions that Russia interfered in the 2016 election in an influence campaign aimed at helping Trump win the White House.

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