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Ronda Rousey suffers broken hand, latest on her WWE status

The finish of the WrestleMania 35 main event last night may looked slightly off, but the intended plan was always for Becky Lynch to pin Ronda Rousey and win the titles. Given the conclusion of the match, some people had speculated that either the referee, Lynch, or Rousey may have botched the finish.

With that said, Wrestling Observer Radio confirmed the now former Raw Women’s Champion did suffer an injury:

”I have some news. Ronda has a broken hand, a severely broken hand. She just was diagnosed with it.”

This was always scheduled to be Rousey’s last match, and the injury now definitely cements that. Whether she returns or not is up in the air and there is no timeline for that.

Do you guys think she is gone for good, or will we see a return down the line for the baddest women on the planet?

  • SamH

    Other reports contradict the “it was always meant to happen” narrative, and the last time anything remotely like this happened to a big name women’s world champion, it was Moolah shooting on Wendi Richter.

    It’s not like WWE’s going to tell us the truth, either way. Although, if this finish was always the plan, then Ronda is the greatest actress who ever lived, and every single performer forgot how to work a crowd just in time for their big Wrestlemania match, and at the exact same time.

  • Darrin Tyler

    RIP you little weirdo.

  • The Random Reader

    Good. Bye, Bye Ronda Loser

  • oppa

    Don’t really care to be honest.