Rudy Guiliani Is A Mess In Trump Party Video

Former President Donald Trump ushered in the New Year on Saturday night with hundreds of Mar-a-Lago members and a few political cronies. The former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani turned Donald Trump lackey spent New Year’s Eve at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago resort. In the video Giuliani posted on Twitter, he offers a close-up New Year’s Eve message that is drowned out by a cover band playing “Footloose.”



He describes the video as “Mar-a-Lago 2023 New Year headed right to 2024,” as if he traveled a year into the future.It’s possible Giuliani’s post was referring to Trump’s 2024 presidential run and he just screwed it up, but it still provided lots of fodder for Twitter snark in 2023.

Donald Trump hosted the party

In past years, Hollywood celebrities have attended Trump’s annual A-list New Year’s Eve party at the Palm Beach club. However, this year, the most notable, high-profile figures attending the gala were from the former president’s political world, including pollster Dick Morris, legal adviser Rudy Giuliani and pillow maker Mike Lindell. All walked the red carpet but did not comment about Trump or their expectations for 2023.

Trump’s second-oldest son, Eric, and his wife, Lara, attended as well. However, it did not appear two other adult children who figured prominently in Trump’s political endeavors, Donald Jr. and daughter Ivanka, were at the event.

Trump, who declared his 2024 White House candidacy in November, spoke briefly to the media as he and Melania Trump made their way into the ballroom.

Trump said he hoped the Russia-Ukraine war “will get straightened out very quickly” and said he is bullish about his campaign going into 2023, adding he had received some poll numbers that looked “fantastic,” but offered no details. He also sounded familiar themes.

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