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Rusev reveals what Vince McMahon told him about his performance in recent storyline

Rusev and Lana on King's Court

The ongoing storyline between Rusev, Lana and Bobby Lashley has been one of the most talked-about angles of WWE programming in recent times.

Rusev recently had an interview with where he talked about a number of things and also revealed what Vince McMahon told him about his acting in the storyline.

According to the former United States Champion, Vince pulled him aside one day and praised his acting performance which was the first time someone complimented his acting:

“Vince pulled me aside and told me this is a great acting performance. I’ve never been complimented on my acting before that,”

Apart from this, Rusev also talked about cutting his long hair and revealed that he cut his hair before his surgery for a shoulder injury in 2017 because he had grown tired of the look. You can check out his interview in the video below:

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    5’7″ is still the average male height today. Plus there’s the fact Nero was outside of Rome in his Villa at the time. You got my point tho

  • Dirt McGirt

    Napoleon was actually 5’7, the average height for men in his day. This is just one of those historical inaccuracies that keep getting repeated generation after generation, like Nero fiddling while Rome burned, despite the fact that the fiddle wouldn’t be invented for like another 200 years.

  • Dirt McGirt

    Worst storyline of the last five years…of course Vince loves it.

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    Fact is the guy is bragging about his acting & storyline. But he cant have an exciting match to save his life, so nobody cares.

    He got a title shot against AJ and had to be carried the whole match, that says it all

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    Being told you’re a good actor by Vince McMahon, is like Napoleon calling you tall… Sure, ok buddy…but 99% of people dont give a fuhk