RVD says his return is in the hands of Triple H

Former ECW Champion Rob Van Dam’s last stint with WWE didn’t last for very long and considering his age many people wonder if we have already seen the last of him in WWE.



Recently a fan asked the former WCW Star if he thinks that he could beat the Phenomenal One AJ Styles for the WWE Championship on Twitter.

Replying to it, RVD said that he thinks he could beat AJ if Hunter does the same, indicating that his return is in the hands of Triple H. Both these tweets can be seen below:


RVD has been away from WWE for more than 3 years now and his last match for the company was against Seth Rollins back in August 29th, 2014.

At this point, there are no talks about him coming back but the time for Royal Rumble is coming around and you can never say which superstars may make his surprise return to the company during the show.

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