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Ryback on Kane; discusses a possible return to the WWE


On the latest episode of Ryback’s podcast,¬†Conversation With The Big Guy, the former Intercontinental Champion discussed wrestlers who gained success outside of the WWE. Specifically, he talked about Kane and his ambitions outside the ring.

Kane is well respected among everybody. He is one of my favorite people. He is just a good human being; a good family man. He is a large human being who is getting up there in age, but still looks physically incredible. He still moves really good.

He is an extremely intelligent individual, which is something people may not know from his wrestling. He is well spoken and articulate. He’s done very well for himself outside of pro wrestling.

I occasionally would talk to him about investments and stuff and he always had answers. Good answers. I remember one time we were in the locker room, and we were talking about investigating in gold and silver, but it was me in my wrestling gear and Kane in his wrestling gear.

I thought it was funny and should have been on video with these two f***ing guys in pro wrestling gear talking about investments and stocks. People just can’t fathom what goes on backstage in a WWE locker room. I am very happy for him. He is well respected in his community. He has done a lot in his county.

Ryback also discussed his success outside of the WWE, as far as growing his brand. He went on to talk about the idea of a return in the future.

Right now, I left for the reasons I left. I am doing the things that I want to do. The health thing…was a very big thing, so it’s no surprise as I have mentioned time and time again. I have a new body. I am getting a second chance and learning from my past mistakes of the injuries that I have accumulated over the years.

I have literally rebuilt myself at thirty-six and have felt the best that I have in years. I still have a little ways to go, but still, like I said, never say never, but it’s just not on my radar right now. I have not had any discussions; not from my end or their end. It just isn’t even on my mind right now. Not to say years from now it won’t be, I just don’t know.

I am focused on growing my brand and my business right now. I look forward on going back into the independents and having some matches and getting out there, and putting in some time in the ring on that end and seeing how I feel.

  • CC

    Bring back the Shockmaster

  • CC

    thats probably because nobody actually listens to it ha ha ha

  • Greg Bush

    I’d rather El Torito return.

  • Greg Bush

    To be honest, I was shocked to find out he still had a podcast.

  • CC

    Apart from talk a lot, what has he actually done to “grow his brand” since leaving WWE?

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Id rather Scott steiner return…