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Ryback Talks WWE Being Furious Over His Taunts to CM Punk, ‘Pre Show Stopper Belt’, Wanting to Stay with WWE

Former WWE Superstar Ryback has released another episode of his podcast Conversation With The Big Guy. You can check out some highlights from the episode here:

On his ‘Pre Show Stopper Belt’ and WWE being furious over him using CM Punk’s moves:

“They were so furious with that weight belt. Yeah, they were so mad. Cone kept telling me, ‘they go ‘take off the weight belt’ and I kept saying, ‘tell them to f–k off.’ And during the match I was already checked out, I was gone, and I said, ‘I’m going to have fun one way or another.’ I had to cut out, like Cone kept going, ‘no more CM Punk stuff, no more CM Punk stuff’ and I was going to do the running knee into the GTS and not cover him to really‚Ķ they were eating it up, but we got cut on time, as always.”

On not being able to pursue other interests as long as he was with WWE:

“I tried desperately that entire last year to work everything out and I really, really truly wanted to stay, but I had outside interests and I have other things that I’m doing now that being there was not allowing me to do. And the reason, and Vince, and we talked about it before, and the way they used me, my last couple of months there, and had me on the pre-shows was because I didn’t sign their contract.”

Ryback continued, “I wanted to see if he was going to [keep] his word to me, and he didn’t. And he probably booked me that way and didn’t do what he said, for the most part, although he has lied to me before, it was because I didn’t sign that contract right away. And so, it was sort of a game of chicken and I was sticking to my guns, so I was already far checked out those last couple of months. Come WrestleMania, I was fully checked out.”

(All transcribed quotes courtesy of Wrestling Inc.)

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    Guy is a joke!