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Samoa Joe explains why he signed with NXT

Samoa joe

Samoa Joe already had an established name before coming to WWE and many believe that the former TNA Star should have been offered a main roster deal directly instead of coming through the NXT route.

During his recent appearance on 102.5, The Bone’s Drew Garabo Live show, Joe explained why he chose to sign with NXT instead of going anywhere else.

According to the former TNA Star the the initial NXT offer was a bit low for him and he wasn’t promised a main roster call up because Vince McMahon was not interested in bring older guys on the main roster:

“The initial deal on the table, it was a little bit of a low offer, but it was a foot in the door. No, financially, it was actually great, but as far as opportunity, it was a lowball offer. He [Triple H] did take care of me in that aspect, which is much appreciated. He told me from the get that, ‘we’re probably only going to be used in NXT. You’re in your 30s. Vince [McMahon] really isn’t interested in bringing those guys up right now.'”

Continuing on the topic the former NXT Champion said that he still took the offer because it was an opportunity to keep moving and shortly after his debut he was offered a Main Roster contract:

“It was just kind of an opportunity to stay going. It was a merch deal, which they do so much distribution I was with, and I said, ‘yeah, sure.’ And within I believe a week-and-a-half, I was offered a main roster contract and continued to work in NXT with later moving onto RAW after we build the brand up.”

Seeing Samoa Joe in a WWE ring was a dream come true for his fans and considering the treatment he has been given in both NXT and Main Roster so far, we can say he made the right call by taking the offer from WWE.

  • jedi

    Shelton I think will be back, he just had to heal his injury.

  • CC

    “Vince is not interested in bringing people in their 30s up to the main roster right now” .. no, but he was more than happy to bring Rhyno, Brian Kendrick, Curt Hawkins, Jinder Mahal and Shelton Benjamin back (although obviously Shelton fell through).
    And then of course he brought in AJ Styles and The Club straight to the main roster.
    Not one single one of them is under 30.