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Samoa Joe on Injury Rumors, Vince Russo Feels Responsible for the Montreal Screw Job

– After a taped shoulder at the latest NXT taping, Samoa Joe has been rumored to have injured his elbow. Joe took to Twitter to address the rumors:

– Vince Russo recently spoke with WrestleZone radio and shot down rumors that the Montreal Screw Job was a work between Vince McMahon and Bret Hart. He also claims to have been the one to give McMahon the idea for the controversial finish:

“Bro, I’m the one who gave Vince the idea for Shawn to put Bret in the Sharpshooter,” Russo said. “I’m the one who told him in a creative meeting days before it happened. When I was on two phone calls with Vince and Bret that Bret did not know I was on. Vince pitched Bret every storyline you could imagine. Bret turned every single one of them down. We are getting in to 8 or 9 o’clock at night now and we’d been at the creative meeting since about 9 in the morning. Out of pure frustration I turned to Vince and said, ‘Freaking screw it, Vince. Have Shawn put Bret in the Sharpshooter and have the referee call for the bell.’ That is the story. That is what happened. All I know is days before Survivor Series at the creative meeting when the finish was being discussed out of frustration because Bret wouldn’t agree to anything I just said, ‘Screw it! Let Shawn put him in the Sharpshooter. Have the referee call for the bell.’ Done. I had no contact after that. This was probably on a Thursday. I did not know what he was going to do. I had no idea. He kind of kept his distance from me and looking back now I think that was an effort to protect me. I sat down next to Taker when the finish of the match took place and it was sure enough what I threw out at Vince at that booking meeting. I sat there and I was like, ‘Holy crap! I can’t believe he did that!’ But he did. I had to talk to Bret Hart on the phone less than a week later. He was not very pleasant when I told Bret, ‘Bro, I support what Vince did. I understand why Vince did it, Bret, and you’ll never understand this side of it.’ One of the hardest things I ever had to do in my life. So when I tell you I wish it was a work… I wish it was a work.”

(All transcribed quotes courtesy of 411Mania)

  • CC

    Has anybody ever claimed it was a work between McMahon and Hart? Especially considering how long it went on, and how vicious Hart has been about Vince over the years in interviews and books etc.
    As for Russo, does anyone believe anything that comes out of his mouth?
    He would claim he invented the wheel if he could get away with it.

  • Khosrow

    To be fair, everyone has always taken credit for the idea at some point now. HBK said it was his own idea in his book and a few interviews. Cornette said he threw the idea out there, Russo has said for years in his book and a few shoot interviews that it was his idea. Patterson said it was his spot. So take it with a grain of salt when anyone claims that it was their own idea. Personally I think they all came with the idea at different points because even Meltzer that day threw it out there that it might end the way it did. No one will ever know for sure.

  • Just j

    Yep. Sounds like russo. No matter if it was good or bad, if it was a big deal, he was the “genius” behind it.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Hasn’t literally every other account of these events said that it was HHH who gave the idea? Russo may have given the method of screwjob, but I’ve always remembered reading, hearing, and seeing that it was HHH who suggested that if Bret won’t do business, they’ll have to do it for themselves?