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Sasha Banks has some interesting comments on UFC’s Four Horsewomen

Sahsa Banks

Bleacher Report recently interviewed Sasha Banks ahead of her match at the No Mercy PPV and during it; the Boss offered some interesting comments about UFC’s Four Horsewomen.

The Raw Star was talking about Mae Young Classic finals and said that the ‘Phoney’ Four Horsewomen of UFC couldn’t hang in a WWE ring:

“I got to see the picture of our Horsewomen versus the phoney Four Horsewomen. They’re fans of us. That’s why they’re called the Four Horsewomen. Honestly, I do not care. They couldn’t hang in our ring and that’s it.”

Sasha also defended her recent comments about being frustrated with the fact that she doesn’t know what will happen with her character next, by saying that it’s sometimes exciting to go to work without knowing what she has to do:

“It makes it what’s exciting about coming to work sometimes. There’s an excitement to coming to work every week and not knowing what you’re doing and just making the best of it all.”

It’s worth noting here that according to some reports, WWE is still planning the feud between WWE and UFC’s group of Horsewomen. So Sasha Banks’ comment can be seen as a setup for this rivalry.

  • Jessie L Williams II

    Hahaha Got-er!!

  • jedi

    No they are not called the 4 horse women because of her, she has zero to do with it acting like the real 4 horse men did not exist!