Schwarzenegger Ex-Wife Drops Jason Sudeikis Bombshell

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife Maria Shriver uploaded a video of her interview with Jason Sudeikis ahead of Ted Lasso’s end.




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As Ted Lasso comes to an end, I want to thank this beautiful show and everyone involved. Not just for the joy I got from each episode, but for the lessons it taught me (and hopefully you too!). I hope you carry the spirit of Ted Lasso with you, and as Jason Sudeikis says “Be like Teflon toward people’s negativity or sarcasm.” We don’t need to walk in this world believing it is all bad. We don’t need to succumb to the negativity. We can rise above the noise. We can look for the positives, we can look for the light, and we can carry that light forward. I’d rather view the world as Ted Lasso. Wouldn’t you? #abovethenoise

In a heartfelt message, actor Jason Sudeikis expressed his gratitude as the popular TV series “Ted Lasso” comes to an end. Sudeikis, who portrays the titular character, took a moment to thank the show and everyone involved for the joy it brought to viewers with each episode. However, he also acknowledged that the series offered more than just entertainment—it provided valuable life lessons that he hopes resonated with the audience.

Sudeikis encouraged fans to carry the spirit of Ted Lasso with them even after the show concludes. He cited one of Ted Lasso’s notable quotes, urging people to be resilient like Teflon when faced with negativity or sarcasm from others. The actor emphasized that there is no need to perceive the world as entirely negative or allow ourselves to be consumed by pessimism. Instead, he encouraged viewers to rise above the noise and seek out the positives in life.

With the character of Ted Lasso as an inspiration, Sudeikis urged everyone to embrace optimism, look for the light in challenging situations, and carry that light forward in their lives. By adopting Ted Lasso’s perspective, he suggested that we can navigate the world with a more positive outlook and embrace the belief that there is good to be found even in difficult times.


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