Scott Hall Appears Intoxicated at Wrestling Show, Disturbing Footage from a Fan

– Scott Hall’s representatives are denying that he was admitted to a hospital for a drug overdose earlier this week. His reps say he was admitted to a hospital earlier this week but it was due to low blood pressure.



Hall appeared at an independent wrestling show in Lowell, Massachusetts last night and had to be helped to the ring. As you can see in the video below from Peter Botelho, Hall was in very bad shape:

Former WWE star Scotty 2 Hotty was at the show and wrote the following on Twitter: “Just witnessed the saddest, most embarrassing thing in my career!!!! How many guys have to die before some guys learn?”

Peter wrote the following to us:

“Scott Hall appeared in Fall River, MA for a Top Rope Promotions show on Saturday night, April 8. Hall needed two escorts to the ring, stumbled around a bit, Justin Credible came out and it seemed like they were headed to …some type of “work shoot promo”. Then a local wrestler named Gorgeous Gino Giovanni came out to the ring and they tried to set up Hall and Credible vs Giovanni. Hall was in such bad shape, the fans picked up on it and many heckled him. Some fans were respectful, apparently knowing Hall had “just got out of rehab at 6am”. Hall , apparently thinking he was in “England” and not “New England” tried to make a reference to “Wankers” – an English insult. Some fans , not familiar with Hall’s personal “demons” were very confused. Other fans understood the situation. Everyone, I’d like to think, were disappointed and sad, especially since was Top Rope Promotions 30th anniversary show in front of their “home base” audience.Hall rested on the ropes a few times. They started a match of Credible vs. Giovanni which was respectable… the real “show” was Hall and his poor condition. After the match, Hall, still slurring, asked Giovanni to come back to the ring using the term “tampon”.”

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