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Scott Hall joined In Your Head with Jack and Oneinchbiceps for the August 26, 2009 edition of In Your Head Wrestling Radio located at

– The show starts off with Scott. The first plug his site and his new talk show “The Last Call with Scott Hall” on Scott talks about how he wants to be a commentator on WWE Raw.

– They talk about the recent match with Sid Vicious in Georgia. Scott says it went “fantastic”. “We got our money and we gave them a good show.”

– Jack brings up Sid’s last appearance on IYH and how Sid talks about Scott’s role in Sid returning to WCW. Scott then goes on to explain the storyline reasons to bring Sid in. In short, “The nWo ruled the world, and no one could stop them because Goldberg was a mark for himself.” In a meeting with Bischoff & Kevin Nash, Scott suggests Yokozuna & Sid Vicious to fight the nWo. He also laughs about how after pitching for Sid to get a job, Sid ends up with a better contract than Scott & Kevin.

Scott then takes a call.

– The caller is named Dominic. They work in a quick plug for Scott’s upcoming show in New Jersey. “I have people who keep track of they kinda of stuff [appearances]. They just tell me where to go. I also have a couple of ex-wives that aren’t shy on telling me where to go too.” The question Dominic ask is there a match Scott holds dear that a lot of people really don’t talk about. Scott talks about how him & Shawn Michaels had much better matches during their loop of working with each other. One day, they show up to a show “out west” and saw that their match was a ladder match. They really didn’t know what to think, but they worked on stuff to make it entertaining. He said that it always tickled him that people praise the Wrestlemania ladder match (though he is flattered by it). He says there was much better [ladder] matches that weren’t televised on the west coast. He also brings up how everyone talks about his career like he is dead. “What me and Sid did out in Georgia last Saturday was pretty damn sweet and I’m out of shape!” He also said he looks like “Elvis before he sat on the sh*t-er.” and that he is the Bloated Elvis. He also says he is looking for his Priscella. Scott goes back to talking about his matches and how he just needs motivation & chemistry. He then talks the caller for his call.

– Scott then jokes about how the ladies running his site keeps telling him to plug it. He also calls IYH “Up Your Ass” and the hosts tell him that was the original name.. But it’s now a late night talk show. On a more serious note, he pays his respect to Ted Kennedy.

– Then leads to Jack asking about Scott’s work at Cape Cod. Scott says it was sweet because with working for Vince, you go everywhere. Scott then starts to sing the Johnny Cash song “I’ve Been Everywhere” for a little bit. He says that being in Cape Cod is like a day off. He says that sometimes when he watches his old times, he thinks [and he doesn’t want to come off as arrogant] “Wow. I ruled the world.” He also jokes about the Boston accent.

Another caller.

– It’s Sid Vicious and Scott’s goes “Oh, no.” Sid makes another plug for Scott’s talk show. Sid asks does he think his next career step is going to be and when is it going to take place. Scott first talks Sid for inviting him to Georgia. Then he talks about how Sid made it clear on the talk show that Sid’s goal is to make it to Wrestlemania again. Even though Scott admit he still thinks he has the ring skills, he really wants to be a commentator. “I want to be calling it when Sid Vicious powerbombs Triple H for the strap. And I would go ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, the NEW World Wrestling Entertainment Champion… SID VICIOOOOUUUSSSSS!” Sid then tells that he talked to a few fans over the weekend and asked them what they would think about Scott being an commentator. Sid said that the fans would love the idea, but Scott has to earn his dues. Sid says that he has set up Scott’s first gig at Ken Wing’s Wrestling school in Arkansas. Scott gladly accepts the job. Sid says it’s September 18th. Sid then says that Scott is going to tag up with Lord Hugemous. Scott interrupts and jokes about Lord Hugemous making towns again. Sid continues on in saying Scott & Lord Hugemous will be taking on Sid Vicious & Kid Nickels, a undefeated kid from Ken Wing’s wrestling school. Sid says everything is going to be in the newspaper & on the websites before saying good bye. Sid thanks Scott for what he doing and plugs the norm Sid.. Psycho Sid Promotions and his fans. Scott tells him to leave. “I can talk trash to him because I am in Florida and he is in Arkansas.”

– Jack ask if Scott was to do commentary, would he think play-by-play or color would be his style. Scott asks him “Dude, have you ever seen wrestling? I was Razor Ramon and I started the nWo.” Scott picks color commentary and says Jack is great at what he does. He says he probably could do play-by-play, but color commentary would be a better fit for him. He says that traditionally, you should bring in some nerd to do play-by-play and have some flamboyant dude do the color. Scott wants to be the modern day Jerry Lawler or Jesse Venture and he thinks his wrestling background would give him credibility. Scott says that Bobby Heenan rules the world and that he was the best. He also talks about how Bischoff screwed Heenan up because Heenan was always the heel commentator and he wasn’t used to putting the baby faces over. Scott says when he brought in as Razor, he was put with Henning, Flair & Heenan. He says that is the top you can go at the time there. Scott ends the topic by saying Heenan is a genius.

– Another caller.

– It’s Dawn Marie [the ex-Diva, you know?]. Scott calls Dawn “pretty girl” and Dawn flirts back. “We go from having Frankenstein to having a hot girl on. Am I money or what?” Dawn asks what they were talking about since she only heard a little bit about Heenan. Scott just says he was putting Heenan over as great. Dawn agrees and talks about growing up with Heenan, Captain Lou and Grand Wizard as favorites. Scott laughs about Captain Lou and how they used to always rib him. Scott brings up how Triple H was the Kliq’s designated driver because [Triple H] was never into the drinking & other bad stuff the other guys were in. Scott admits he didn’t know who Captain Lou was because he was an army brat or a Southern growing up. Dawn says that wrong before Scott asks if Dawn is going to be at the same signing he was going to. Scott ask if Dawn’s husband is a cop. Scott and Dawn joke around for a bit before Scott says “He’s a cop! He might kill me.” Scott also jokes that he has had three successful marriages. Jack ask if someone wants to go to the convention, where should they go? Scott plugs his site again and Dawn agrees. Scott then goes on to talk about the story of the first edition of The Last Call. It turns out Sid & Scott got lost on their way to their hotel at 2 in the morning. A couple of hours later, Scott wanted to do the interview and they just did it. Dawn continues to put over how funny the show was and Scott jokes about how anyone who watches it will get pictures of Dawn scantly cad. “Cuz I know hot broads.” Scott makes another joke about how Dawn’s husband will shoot anyone jerking off to Dawn. Scott says that Dawn is too hot to be insecure. Scott talks about Dawn calling him about being on the show and he said “sorry, I only am doing big stars.” He thought he was ribbing her, but felt really bad for hurting her feelings. Scott then talks about fishing and asks if they fish up north. Scott dares the hosts to take control of the show. The host then says he has to let Dawn go. Scott says bye pretty lady & baby girl before going “Don’t tell your husband I said that! I don’t want to have heat with him”.

– Another caller

– The caller name is Six. Scott says he knows this “prick”. He said Six sent a text message going “Don’t jack us around”. Scott’s response was “You’re pretty tough to be long distance.” Scott starts talking about Syxx [Sean Waltman] and how he calls him Kid-Pac. Six gets his question. First he talks about the Wrestlemania ladder match and he brought up how someone said on a DVD that HBK didn’t need anyone else in the ring because it was just HBK and the ladder. [The caller misquoted the original quote] Scott says that was Triple H talking about something Flair had said. Scott starts talking about the greatest compliment to him in wrestling was. He talks about when HBK & Razor started working together, they were both heels. HBK was such a pretty boy that Scott thought the fans would be behind him. So, they agreed to just work as normal and if the fans got behind him, act surprise but really blow it off because Razor was still a heel. So, Razor wrestled HBK every night & day for three months. He then brings up the Summerslam ladder match. HBK & Diesel were drained from doing PR work. HBK lets Razor call the match. They get back to the lockerroom and Scott thanking HBK for letting him call the match. HBK replies, “You are the only one who doesn’t think your my equal.” Scott then says this was one of the greatest highlights of his career for him. Scott talks about being insecure and that a lot of people who are drawn to entertainment are the same way. “Like, Scott Hall the guy is like ‘Man, my life is falling apart.’ Scott Hall the fake wrestling man, hit that ring music ‘How you doing?’ ‘Better than you. heh'”. He says that’s why he is drawn to wrestling. The caller then asks how does Scott feel about the Kliq these days. Scott says they are still his boys and brings up how they will pick up where they left off. Just like he did with Sid. He also says he thinks Scott Hall & Kevin Nash [nWo] vs. Shawn Michaels & Triple H [dX] would still draw money. Especially if you put it under Sid Vicious vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania. He says it’s no disrespect to Cena but vs. Sid, they would boo him out of the building. He then goes on to put over Cena’s father as a good guy. He said he met John Cena [Sr.] and told him that was a great name because their is some young guy doing good with it. He also says that he has never met John Cena [Jr.], but he told Cena Sr. that he did a great job with raising his son because you never hear anything bad about him and his work ethics are great. He also talks about when you go to the lockerroom, you met everyone. He never went up to someone as Razor and said “Hi, I am Razor Ramon.” He then talks about the show he worked with Cena [Sr.] and how he interfered in the main event. “I’ll go on record and say: It’s way more fun riding in front of a cop car then riding in the back cuz you can get out if you want to.”

– Jack mentions a WCW show in Boston one time. People were throwing sodas, fries and other stuff in the ring and you & Nash were picking them up and eating them. Then he asks what was it like when people were throwing stuff in the ring. Scott makes reference to the birth of the nWo and how that was the first time he was in a place were people threw stuff in the ring. He brought up how some fan made it past security and that Kevin Nash laid him out. Scott said he is a prick and starts laying boots to the guy in a cold shoot. Scott says, in his opinion, that that fans aren’t allowed touch, throw stuff or come in the ring because the wrestlers never know what the intentions of someone who does that is.

– Jack then asks if WCW has thought of any names to Scott & Kevin before using the real names. Scott starts by telling how the Garden was sold out for a houseshow on a Sunday night and the next night he was on Nitro. He also says Larry Zybasko is a genius and came up with the idea to have Scott walk through the crowd. He talks about the on air angle he had leading up to Kevin Nash debuting.

– Jack brings up the Rise & Fall of WCW DVD. Scott asks if he is on the cover says “Vince, sent the royalties checks in! My address hasn’t changed in twenty years. ” Jack mentions that the DVD said there was a lawsuit over Hall & Nash’s debuts. Scott says his agent arranged it to where they can’t sue Scott and they would have to go to Turner.

– Jack says it’s time for callers because they have 90 missed calls and that Scott has beaten Sunny’s record.

– Dan from Canada calls in. He asks if Scott would ever return to the WWE as Razor Ramon and if they [WWE] has ever asked you to come back. Scott said he would love too. He says that the Razor character was so tacky, “but I am pulling it off because I’m so pretty.” He says he wants them to he the Razor music, he comes out in a Razor type of button down suit, he says “hi” to everyone and he walks around and puts the headsets on. He said that could leave the door open for that “one more match” set up. He doesn’t see his scenario happening, but he does thank the entire McMahon family for spending over 100 grand on him in the past year to send him to rehab. He doesn’t feel any hatred, but more of a bitterness just about how they pushed Razor hard only to have him work for their competition. He would love to finish his career in the WWE because he wants to do commentary.

– Marta, the webmiss for Scott’s site calls in. Scott jokes about the website that leads to another plug. Scott gives all the credit to Marta & Maggie from his site for introducing him to the Internet. He says he is really digging the “Internet thing” because it gives him a chance to let his fans know that he cares and appreciates them. Marta plugs the site for the show Scott is going to be at since Jack asked earlier. Margo also plugs the other link that Scott has on Myspace and how they have all of his appearances listed “when Scott tells us, or remembers to tell us” up. Scott laughs and reminds her about his upcoming show in Arkansas that Sid mentioned early. “If I am on top, leave me alone.. But if that big Frankenstein starts taking over, help me. Please!” Before Marta leaves, Scott jokes about how now that he knows what a website is, he going to plug it every chance he gets.

– The next call is KM and starts off by saying the nWo is the only reason he watched WCW. Jack interrupts real quick just to ask if anyone got pissed off about the surveys Scott used to do. Scott said Vince Russo did and Russo is the reason Scott isn’t in TNA. He talked about no showing the Turning Point PPV in 2007. He admits it wasn’t professional, but if it’s not fun, he is not doing it. Scott says it’s hard for him to take a finisher of a guy who never drew any money and has never been in the ring. Scott goes on about how he is too old and is trying too hard to get his life together to be arguing with TNA’s booking. He said that if Sid & himself were to make their own outlaw company, they would give the fans a different option. He goes back to him newly discovering the Internet and how him and Sid are going to use it to keep in touch with their fans by showing them their matches.

– Jack asks if Hogan & Eric Bischoff were to start their own promotion, would Scott view that as an option. Scott says Eric is a guy. He talks about being about to go “F*** you” back and forth with Eric, but still taking care of business. He will go do what the boss says, but if he thinks it didn’t work, he would be the first to go “I told you so.” Scott says he is probably immature, but he is also passionate about the business. “I’ve always said it ain’t ‘Show Friends’. It’s ‘Show Business”. So, to answer the question, Scott says “in a heartbeat.”

– The next caller is the other half of Scott’s website, Maggie. Scott plugs all of his Internet projects before adding “If you think TNA sucks, you’re right.”

– Jack asks Scott about the six sided ring in TNA. Scott says the first thing everyone says when they look at the ring is “How the f*** do you hit the ropes?” He admits he didn’t know what to think when he first saw it as an outsider looking in.

– Next, Jack asks Scott about the TNA name. Scott brings up how on the very first TNA show, Toby Keith & Scott beat Jeff Jarrett. He also adds Dixie Carter is a wonderful woman and is drop dead gorgeous before bring up the TNA cage dancers. He said it was just a tongue & cheek joke about how TNA sounded like T&A. He then says TNA started as being marketed to guys because sex & violence sells. Jack adds to the question with if the name hurts the company now because it’s a different product. Scott brings up how Kevin Nash is a better businessman than him. He says Kevin will do business to get his money, but you don’t want to get on the wrong side. He says that the name doesn’t matter because to him, it’s “Busch” [as in Busch league]. He could be making six figures, but he doesn’t want to work for TNA. He says Kevin doesn’t get it. He says Kevin tries to to tell Scott to take the money, but Scott affirms that he would rather be in a small show with Sid Vicious. Scott brings up the “rush” you get from wrestling in front of an arena crowd and how it’s totally different from wrestling infront of a stage crowd. He says working in a stage is emotionally draining to him because it’s the crowd and the atmosphere seems so forced.

– Another caller, this time named Miss Destiny, is on the line. She says Scott can call her by her real name, Lisa, and thanked him for all the memories. She wants to share a quick story. She said that she might have met Scott at a church in Tampa when Scott first started wrestling. She says she was 17 and Scott jokes he “was 16 to any of you cops out there listening.” She says it was a funeral service for Gordon Solely and Scott reminds it.

– Jack briefly tells Scott that the hosts met Scott at the NWA Fanfest last year and saw Scott thanking Sir Humperdink Dink for smarting him up to the business. Scotts starts off by saying he was working for Florida Championship Wrestling then moved on to American Wrestling Association. Scott says he decline Verne Gagne’s offer to be the top guy because Minnesota was too cold for him. Scott says that one thing he always wanted was to be over in his hometown. “I gonna be able to get laid in Florida.” He talks about Kevin Sullivan and Humperdink helping him get over as a babyface in Florida. He then goes on about how Kevin Sullivan is really what made the nWo work at first because he believed in putting the heels over. He said it was unbelieveable for him to be able to work with Sullivan and Humpery because he grew up watching them.

– Jack asks if the people of the nWo thought of themselves as heels or something different. Scott said that he viewed the nWo as something that was separate. He said that he was initial told that him & Kevin were going to have their own hour show with the intend of making the fans pick if they were WCW or nWo. He said that when they had left Vince, they were big absences. So, it didn’t matter if they were heels or not. Scott brought up Jerry Blackwell telling him that if you wonder about American wrestling’s future, just look at the Japanese. There isn’t a heel/babyface, just one person does their stuff and the other person does his stuff and the finish. He brought how when it was just the Outsiders in the ring for WCW, they were absences, but when someone else was with them, they got booed. So, he thinks babyface and heels is outdated. He thinks it’s more on the lines of “are you are star and can you match up against another star.”

– Jack asks if Scott thinks the nWo having their own show would’ve worked. Without hesitation, Scott says yes. He feels that if there wasn’t so much money wasted and so many guys pulling everything in different directions, WCW would still be on the air and the nWo would have their own show.

– A female caller interrupts and leaves.

– Scott says the show is too much with people sneaking up on him. He then finishes the answer by saying he was responsible for the success of the nWo and none of the failure.

– Jack tells that the previous caller was someone’s mother and admits that Scott is Jack’s mother’s favorite wrestler. Scott jokes about being in Cape Cod and asks Jack how old he was. The he asks what does Jack look like and if he has black hair.

– The next caller was the previously mentioned caller named John. Scott plugs his website again and Dan brings up the new Scott Hall T-Shirt. Scott says we ain’t seen nothing yet and brings up the Scott Hall Thongs. [Oh boy..] He says he has some hot lady wrestlers signed up to model them. Jack ask Dan what his question again. Dan asks Scott if he could pick one person to wrestle anyone out there as his vanity match right now, who would it be. Scott says if he wanted to please the crowd and sell tickets, he would go back to the match he mentioned earlier; Scott Hall & Kevin Nash vs. Shawn Michaels & Triple H. He also added if he had to be a singles match, he thinks that him and HBK could do another ladder match. He knows he is broken down, but the score is 1-1. He still thinks nWo vs. dX is something that everyone would want to see.

– Jack apologizes to anyone who couldn’t get through, but there is one last caller, DJ Ran. DJ Ran just wants to thank Scott for being “cool with him” since he knew there was a lot of alcoholic a**holes during his WCW run. Scott laughs and said “you never forget the people who are cool to you and you never forget the people who treat you like sh*t.” Scott says that Curt Henning taught him to be nice to everybody because you never know who they might turn out to be. DJ Ran also added that Curt Henning was also another one of those cool cats. He said that he knew that DJ Ran hated the Master P stint WCW was doing. He also brought up the one time Scott & Kevin totally out of the blue decided to get in the Nitro Girl cages and dance while the crowd popped crazy for them. DJ Ran also brought up how there was a lot of miserable people backstage before Scott interrupted him. Scott said that wrestling was part of his life and he didn’t see the point of not having fun with it. He also mentioned what Pat Patterson told him, “If you are going to bother to do it, you might as well be really good at it.” Scott said he would rather be with the people with a smile on their faces instead of the miserable ones. DJ Ran brings up the WCW DVD and said he didn’t know what he was going to do with his own home video footage. Scott plugs his site yet again and says he can the video up on it. DJ Ran thanks Scott one more time before hanging up and Scott & the hosts thank DJ Ran for the call.

– Scott brings up the cage dancing again.. “I don’t remember me and Kev gettin’ into the cages, but it sounds like something we would’ve done.”

– Scott then talks about how everyone is a blur to him because he is lookin’ forward. He doesn’t get why everyone is talking about his career like he is dead. He feels he still has a lot of in ring left in him and wants to end it “wearing the headphones” and he wants to do it for the WWE. He thank the hosts for “putting up with him and his immaturity and selfishness” before apologizing for no-showing the last time he was scheduled for the show.

– Scott finished the show by saying it was great talking to a bunch of dudes for a few hours, but his phone was blowing up because he “got a sexy & sensitive thing going on. And he would much rather being cuddling up with some hot babe tonight.”

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